I was so proud of myself, and then…

the rest of the week happened.  I did some writing on Sunday night (Dreamwalkers), feeling like, Yeah, I can finish this sequel (never finished a sequel before…), I’ll finish it and if I haven’t gotten Hitchhikers published by the time I finish it, I’m going to self-publish as an ebook.  I’m 26,000 words in, I’m golden!

Then on Monday night I had my aerial silks class, and Tuesday I had trapeze class, for some reason went to the gym Wednesday morning (what was I thinking?), dance class on Thursday (with drinks after) and here’s Friday, and I think I’m going to spend most of my day going to the movies (Pitch Perfect comes out!!), out to dinner, then watching “American Horror Story” season 1 to gear up for season 2. 

I did manage to get some new entries up on Secret Diary!  So there’s that!

Aside from not doing much writing, I do feel like I am improving in trapeze.  Slowly (veeeery sloooowly) I am keeping my legs straight during my swing, getting into a nice seven, and I think my force out is really much much better even than last week.  Not that most people reading this will know what I mean by any of that.  Basically, I’m trying to learn how to swing on the trapeze in such a way that I will gain height, and when you watch the pros do it, you think it looks so easy and effortless, but really it feels totally strange and counterintuitive until you actually get it and then it does feel easier.  If you want to see some of my trapeze tricks where my legs are bending and I’m a floppy mess, check out my YouTube page.  Then look up some videos of professionals doing the tricks I’m trying to do, and you’ll see the difference.


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