my favorite evil clown movies (aside from It)

Stephen King's It is generally considered the standard for the "scary clown" in horror movies, but there are so many other great ones! Here are my faves.   Stitches (2012) (Stitches had quite the attitude, even before he died) Highlights: killer clown origin story intestine balloon animals pretty much the most clown-themed deaths of any … Continue reading my favorite evil clown movies (aside from It)

March reading round-up

# of books read: 14 audiobooks listened to: 3 ebooks read: 3 books from the Throne of Glass series: 2 graphic novels: 3 total page count: 3,998 year total page count: 12,251 Well, I still haven't beat that crazy reading streak I had in January.  It does seem that I'm reading roughly 4,000 pages a month, … Continue reading March reading round-up

New YA Horror Roundup just in time for Halloween

Note: I received advanced copies of all titles from Netgalley except Sanctum.  All of these titles have been released except Creed, which comes out November 8, 2014. I was quite pleased to discover so many YA horror titles coming out over the summer and fall!  YA horror is my favorite genre, but in recent years it's … Continue reading New YA Horror Roundup just in time for Halloween

goals & progress

A quarterly update on my progress: to finish and publish Dreamwalkers to finalize the print edition of Hitchhikers and offer a giveaway or two (if goal #1 happens) to finish and publish Scavengers and to possibly finish some of my other works-in-progress, including Blood Countess and another new WIP that I haven’t even added to the site yet! be able to … Continue reading goals & progress

finally – the halloween costume post!

Inspiration: steampunk circus inspired by The Night Circus.  I based my look off of this Simplicity pattern: Rather than buying the yards and yards of fabric that would be needed make the overcoat, and then having to actually SEW an overcoat, I decided to use what I had on hand: This was my winter coat from … Continue reading finally – the halloween costume post!

what i’ve been up to

Since the end of Camp Nanowrimo - or, let's face it, midway through Camp Nanowrimo - I haven't been doing a whole lot of writing.  I did get a good 28,000+ words written on Scavengers, but I got sidetracked when I realized that my map for Scavengers was way off from my map for Hitchhikers. … Continue reading what i’ve been up to