Nanowrimo Update: Week 2.5

Word Count: Above Par (34,484/33,333)

Janina is less than 5,000 words away from finishing.  I am consoling myself with the fact that I am keeping my head above water.

I am having a little too much fun with my deadly circus.  Since all the characters are dead, they can die over and over again in horrific, circus-related ways.  Most recently, the animals went crazy during the show’s finale, which led to: an evisceration, a decapitation, legs being crushed by an elephant, and a fire.  Previously there was a lion tamer attacked by his own lions and a flying trapeze act where the flyers plummeted to the ground.  We also discovered that one of the characters died in the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus train fire.

The one problem I’m starting to notice, as I have noticed in years of Nanowrimo past, is that I forget a lot of details from earlier on in the story.  My main characters keep flip flopping on their feelings about being in the Circus of the Damned, because I didn’t remember how I had written their original feelings.  I also keep forgetting character names… ah well, I suppose that’s what editing is for.

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