cover design and all its complications

This self-publishing idea has really taken root in my brain and will not let go.  Perhaps it is because I feel like I have exhausted all possibilities in my quest to find an agent/publisher, or perhaps because I am seeing more and more self-published authors making it, or perhaps because I am tired of seeing all my lovely babies sitting on a shelf and want them to go out in the world and live, or perhaps because I like controlling all aspects of how my novel looks… as in COVERS!

I have been hard at work designing new covers for my Wolf Point series (yes, yes, I know I am only halfway through writing book 2 and have only a vague premise in my head for book 3).  With some Photoshop and some images from stock.xchng I have finally arrived at 3 covers that I am pleased with.  Now there’s just the business of getting permissions to use these images.  Can’t really post the covers yet since I’ve only heard back from the creator of one image, and each cover has two images involved.  I’m also not sure I need to get permissions for the font I’m using…  I also haven’t created back covers for any of the books-that’s if I decide to offer both paperback and ebook editions-since in order to make the full cover, I need to have both a finished book (so I can determine the spine width) and the blurb for the back of the book (which also helps if the book is finished…).

And I have been working on Dreamwalkers.  Up over 32,000 words now – yay!

As soon as I have all the proper permissions, I will be posting up the new covers, so stay tuned…

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