new year, new look

One of my goals this year is to get back on track with writing my original fiction.  First up was a new cover for The Art Kids:                     Isn't it pretty??  Of course this is for the Kindle edition only, because creating a cover for the paperback … Continue reading new year, new look

Scavengers cover reveal!

Scavengers finally has a cover! This took me a long time... mostly due to issues getting permission to use images.  For both Hitchhikers and Dreamwalkers, I was able to find images over at and Flickr, and the photographers got back to me fairly quickly.  Both of the images I used for this cover were … Continue reading Scavengers cover reveal!

cover design and all its complications

This self-publishing idea has really taken root in my brain and will not let go.  Perhaps it is because I feel like I have exhausted all possibilities in my quest to find an agent/publisher, or perhaps because I am seeing more and more self-published authors making it, or perhaps because I am tired of seeing … Continue reading cover design and all its complications

writing is hard.

There are so many distractions... so many things to see on the interwebs... I am watching Janina type away and maybe she's thinks I'm writing too, but I'm not working on my novel like I should be... Today I read this article about authors who self-publish ebooks and are actually able to make a living … Continue reading writing is hard.

the countdown begins

So I'm already thinking about November and Nanowrimo... already stressing about when I'll have enough time to write!  My first week in November is pretty much booked up and that makes me nervous because it's usually in the first week that I get the momentum to carry me through the rest of the month.  I … Continue reading the countdown begins