the mid-point reversal

As I was working on Dreamwalkers Friday night, I realized that I am nearly at the point of the mid-point reversal.

I didn’t know what a mid-point reversal was until I read Story Engineering by Larry Brooks.  At that point I looked at Hitchhikers and was pleased to find that I had instinctively included this basic story building block in my plot.  If you don’t know what a mid-point reversal is: Your character has a goal.  They move steadily toward this goal.  Then something happens that completely alters their course.  In Hitchhikers, my main character, Daniel, is being pushed towards returning home.  He’s finally on his way home when he loses all faith in himself and runs away (again).

Since Hitchhikers is roughly 60,000 words long, and I’d like for Dreamwalkers to be approximately the same length, the mid-point reversal should take place around the 30,000 word mark.  In Dreamwalkers, Kayla returns home without Daniel, begins to have feelings for Remy, and they are moving towards making some kind of strike against an enemy wolf back.  It is becoming clear to me that the mid-point reversal will be the return of Daniel, and Kayla now having to face her feelings for both Daniel and Remy.

And yet, I kind of wanted Kayla to be kidnapped by the enemy pack and have to be tested via some kind of cage-fighting thing… This might take some extreme editing.

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