a love letter to scrivener

Recently I decided to download Scrivener, a software program designed for writers.  I'd been getting half-off codes for Scrivener for the past 10 years or so as part of Nanowrimo's winner prize package.  I figured it could be helpful in writing the last book of the Wolf Point series, to bring together all the information … Continue reading a love letter to scrivener

a week of writing and revising

As April winds to an end, I find myself in the midst of two things: finishing up my story for Camp Nanowrimo, and preparing Scavengers for release later this week! Currently I'm at around 18,500 words in "The Madman," which will be a second Wolf Point prequel novella.  I only need to write about 500 … Continue reading a week of writing and revising

Scavengers cover reveal!

Scavengers finally has a cover! This took me a long time... mostly due to issues getting permission to use images.  For both Hitchhikers and Dreamwalkers, I was able to find images over at sxc.hu and Flickr, and the photographers got back to me fairly quickly.  Both of the images I used for this cover were … Continue reading Scavengers cover reveal!

I am not very nice to my characters

I'm nearing the end of Camp Nanowrimo and last night I ended up writing the most in one day that I have all month (a whopping 1,300 words), and once again my main character ended up giving himself stitches (this also happens in Hitchhikers).  For some reason I feel the need to break my characters … Continue reading I am not very nice to my characters