Camp Nanowrimo, here I come! (again…)

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeSo I’m off to camp again.  Last year was not a very successful venture, although I did get several thousand words written in Dreamwalkers.

Since I’ve been having some difficulty getting myself writing as of late, I figured this is something I might need.  Plus, I am going to offer this as part of the teen summer reading program at my library.  I needed some event to go with the theme “Beneath the Surface” and specifically the interpretation “Express Yourself.”  I was already toying with offering a weekly writing workshop, and this comes with its own structure.

I’ve decided the mistakes during my last stint at camp had to do with using a partially completed story that was also a sequel.  Both are big no-no’s for wrimos.  Part of me wanted to complete the sequel to Seven Minutes to Midnight (since I’ve been re-reading some of my older novels, thinking I might self-publish those as well…), but that story has the same issues as Dreamwalkers – partially completed (about 20,000 words) and a sequel.

Scavengers, book 3 in the Wolf Point series, is obviously a sort of sequel, but I haven’t written a word of it yet.  Zeke’s story thus far departs from Daniel’s story and does not reconnect, so I am free to move the story in whatever direction I’d like – Kayla’s story had to follow along a certain path, and now that the paths have reconnected, I’m not sure what to do.  All I know is that Kayla and Daniel have to find Zeke.  What better way than to write Zeke’s story, and finish Kayla’s story already knowing what happens?

It could work.

At the very least I’ll get a good chunk of writing done on Scavengers, and be that much closer to being able to publish the Wolf Point series (not sure if it will remain a trilogy or if there will be more books…).

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