Camp Nano & other progress

After a bit of a rough couple of weeks, I am finally back on track to complete 20,000 words by the end of the month.  I had figured 20K would be so easy, not even half of a regular Nanowrimo, but surprisingly it hasn’t been the free ride I was expecting.  A bit part of this was my decision to write a historical fiction… I finally found some in-depth sources regarding the Beast of Gevaudan, which has been both helpful and difficult (to match my story up with the true events).  I will get there!

I’m hoping to be able to get ahead on this and start editing Dreamwalkers soon… and then possibly do the Camp Nanowrimo in June to finish the first draft of Scavengers!

Last week I was able to do 4 straddle ups on the silks!!  So another thing crossed off my list!  I feel like the hardest goal will be my Goodreads list.  I’m at 158 to-read now.  How did that happen?

goals progress:

  • to finish and publish Dreamwalkers
  • to finalize the print edition of Hitchhikers and offer a giveaway or two
  • (if goal #1 happens) to finish and publish Scavengers
  • and to possibly finish some of my other works-in-progress, including Blood Countess and another new WIP that I haven’t even added to the site yet!
  • be able to do a handstand away from the wall and hold for 10 seconds (I am close to being able to hold it next to the wall, the next step is to move away!)
  • be able to do more than 3 straddle ups in a row (in aerial silks)
  • practice yoga more often
  • read down my Goodreads to-read list (currently I have 148 books “to-read” which is kind of ridiculous)
  • sew more of my own clothes

One thought on “Camp Nano & other progress

  1. Marty B says:

    I am an author new to Goodreads. That is to say, I’ve been on the site for a few years but never active until recently. I’m trying to get the hang of things and trolling around noticed that you and I are 68% in accord on books we both have read. Is that a good basis for a Goodreads friendship? I’m trying to figure out what a Goodreads friend is and thought that you, being a very active member of the community might be a good person to ask. If you welcome this message and respond I thank you and will send a friend request. If this kind of communication is in any way out-of-the-realm of Goodreads etiquette please let me know. I’m just learning the ropes.

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