Nanowrimo 2018 cover story

As usual, I’ve created a cover for my to-be-written Nanowrimo novel!  This year I’m planning to write a young adult dystopian novel called We Live in the Dark:

We live in the dark

I know, dystopian novels are overdone.  This idea, however, keeps coming back to me.  Who has the power when the power goes out?  If you don’t have electricity and access to your money, how will society continue to function?

A few days ago I talked about another book having this similar idea, but after reading that book, I know that my novel will look at this from a very different angle.  For one, the characters will have been living in a world without electricity for more than a year.  My novel will also be taking place on a smaller scale.  I really enjoy small group dynamics and We Live in the Dark will have a lot of that.

I made this cover in Canva.  It’s hard to find images that appear “dark” that don’t also have a light in them somehow.  I liked that this window in this room doesn’t show any signs of electricity, and the shadows indicate that night may be falling soon.  I wish I could make the writing on the wall look more like graffiti…

If you participate in Nanowrimo, do you make your own cover?  (Also, be my writing buddy!)  What’s your novel about?

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