Wednesday Writing Prompt #8

Wednesday Writing Prompt #8: Horror Novel Title Generator

It’s been over a month since my last writing prompt, because life has been crazy! I attended the New England SCBWI spring conference at the beginning of May, then went on a family vacation at DisneyWorld, and this coming weekend I’m heading off to NYC for Book Con… all of which left me little time to write blog posts. However, I did finish that super secret WIP over the long weekend!!

This prompt is sort of a silly one and doesn’t involve much creative writing. But it should be fun and might spark an idea or two!

The Prompt

Use the following graphic to generate a horror novel title (or use the transcribed text).

Horror Novel Title Generator

Choose your birth month:

  • Jan: Whispering
  • Feb: Screaming
  • March: Killing
  • April: Murder
  • May: Sacrifice
  • June: Abduction
  • July: Disappearance
  • August: Creeping
  • September: Devouring
  • October: Haunting
  • November: Burning
  • December: Exorcism

The first letter of your first name:

  • A: Occult
  • B: Mysterious
  • C: Ominous
  • D: Dark
  • E: Black
  • F: White
  • G: Red
  • H: Bleeding
  • I: Stolen
  • J: Dead
  • K: Possessed
  • L: Eerie
  • M: Luminous
  • N: Grotesque
  • O: Eldritch
  • P: Eerie
  • Q: Macabre
  • R: Twilight
  • S: Pagan
  • T: Funereal
  • U: Moonlit
  • V: Dark
  • W: Dreaded
  • X: Fearful
  • Y: Ghostly
  • Z: Lugubrious

The last letter of your last name

  • A: Child
  • B: Woman
  • C: Ghoul
  • D: Castle
  • E: Demon
  • F: Witch
  • G: Heart
  • H: Creature
  • I: Night
  • J: Moon
  • K: Vampire
  • L: Phantom
  • M: Ghost
  • N: Raven
  • O: Skull
  • P: Bones
  • Q: Vault
  • R: Werewolf
  • S: Mind
  • T: Tomb
  • U: Doll
  • V: Forest
  • W: Necromicon
  • X: Man
  • Y: Shadow
  • Z:Tree

Now take those three words and insert them into the formula.

The [birth month] of the [first initial] [last initial].

My horror novel would be titled The Abduction of the Possessed Castle, which makes no sense whatsoever!


Write the first chapter of a horror novel!

Happy writing! I’d love if you shared your title in the comments, and suggest future genres of writing-related generators.

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