the long-awaited nanowrimo wrap-up post

I’ve been quiet about Nanowrimo this year, not for any reason other than that I’ve been so busy trying to finish the story!

My novel, The Silent Grove, hit 50K about a week before November 30, but it wasn’t until today that the story was finally finished at 55K.

This marks my 14th consecutive Nanowrimo win (although there are a couple of years that I “cheated” – which only means I did not work on a single project but I did write 50K each time). My methodology was a bit different this year thanks to the new Nanowrimo website.

The built-in timer made it amazingly easy to see how much I could write in a single sprint. I found that 20-minute sprints were the most productive. I could write 500-800 words in that period of time. I could sometimes get my whole daily word count in just two sprints, although I usually did three. My best word counts came when I took long breaks between sprints.

I attended write-ins every Friday night at my local bookstore, the Toadstool Bookshop. I was able to crank out 2K+ words at every write-in, even hitting 4K once. I also did a write-in with my critique partner Nikole Breault, which resulted in another 4K day!

If you visit the page I just made for The Silent Grove, you can find more about my inspirations for the story and some of the playlists I listened to while writing.

Who else participated in Nanowrimo this year? How did it go for you?

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