The Little Successes of a Writer's Life

the little successes of a writer's life

This week on The Page Half Full, I talk about how I redefined success when my writing journey didn’t follow that path of write a novel, get an agent, get published, become a bestseller (yet…).

Some successes are so small you might ignore them. And some small successes at that opportune time can feel like a massive breakthrough! Here I wanted to share a list of various little successes anyone can achieve in their writing journey.

  • That feeling of inspiration
  • Finding the perfect word
  • Typing “THE END”
  • Completing a revision
  • Sending out your first query
  • A positive rejection
  • Filling an entire notebook or journal with your words
  • Getting a new story idea
  • When the words just flow
  • Meeting a new writer friend
  • Getting a comment on a story posted online
  • Realizing what your story’s theme is
  • Reading an old story and realizing how far your writing has come
  • When someone tells you your story reminds them of [insert favorite author/book here]

What little success have you had in your writing?

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