After desperately refreshing the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award homepage all morning, FINALLY the quarterfinalists were revealed shortly after noon!  And after bracing myself for NOT seeing my name on the list, THERE IT WAS!!!! That's right, I made it to the next round!  I was so excited I almost ran across the library to tell … Continue reading *yay*yay*yay*

i made the cut!

Last month I entered the Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) with Hitchhikers. On Thursday they posted the list of those who had made the first cut, from 10,000 entries down to 2,000 (1,000 each in two categories, adult & YA). It took me a while to scroll down to the S's, where I discovered my … Continue reading i made the cut!

finally, a yes!

So, you haven't heard from me since June, when my short story "Seventh Son" was placed on the short list for Pill Hill Press's Monster Mash anthology. Since then, my story was accepted and the anthology is now available for purchase on their website and via online retailers such as Amazon! I am eagerly awaiting … Continue reading finally, a yes!