After desperately refreshing the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award homepage all morning, FINALLY the quarterfinalists were revealed shortly after noon!  And after bracing myself for NOT seeing my name on the list, THERE IT WAS!!!!

That’s right, I made it to the next round!  I was so excited I almost ran across the library to tell someone, anyone, about the awesome news.  I kept myself from running but I’m pretty sure I was skipping at the very least, and then of course happy dancing in the staff room.  Woooooooo!

From what I can gather from the ABNA website, Publisher’s Weekly writes up a review for all 500 quarterfinalists’ manuscripts, and Amazon customers can read each entry’s excerpt.  So that will be awesome, even if I don’t make it through the next round of cuts (which is over a month away, to be announced on April 26).

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