finally, a yes!

So, you haven’t heard from me since June, when my short story “Seventh Son” was placed on the short list for Pill Hill Press‘s Monster Mash anthology. Since then, my story was accepted and the anthology is now available for purchase on their website and via online retailers such as Amazon! I am eagerly awaiting my contributor’s copy. The news gets even better: “Seventh Son” was chosen to appear in Pill Hill Press’s sampler that will be sent out with any purchase from their online store! Soon I will be updating the Short Stories page with all relevant info.

In other news, I’ve sent out over 60 queries, and I’m up over 30 rejections. Nanowrimo is fast approaching and I still haven’t finished Hitchhikers… But with all the excitement over having a story published, I think I will be more motivated to write. Hopefully.

One thought on “finally, a yes!

  1. Maria says:

    Horray for Katie!!!!! You finally got a published piece, and I gotta say it wasn’t half bad! I don’t like the vampire part, but who am I to talk???

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