I’ll Never Go Away anthology on sale now!

I received word today (Happy Easter!) that the anthology I'll Never Go Away, featuring my short story "His Type of Girl," is now on sale in Kindle format over at Amazon!  It's a deal at only $3.99!  My mom immediately bought it for her Kindle Fire even though she hates horror movies/stories about stalkers. I've … Continue reading I’ll Never Go Away anthology on sale now!

top 5 news stories

In writing news... Just got word today that my short story, "His Type of Girl," was accepted for an anthology called I'll Never Go Away, to be published in May 2012 by Rainstorm Press! I've also been working on a short story for another anthology.  I found this anthology listed on Ralan.com, a great site … Continue reading top 5 news stories

finally, a yes!

So, you haven't heard from me since June, when my short story "Seventh Son" was placed on the short list for Pill Hill Press's Monster Mash anthology. Since then, my story was accepted and the anthology is now available for purchase on their website and via online retailers such as Amazon! I am eagerly awaiting … Continue reading finally, a yes!