top 5 news stories

In writing news…

Just got word today that my short story, “His Type of Girl,” was accepted for an anthology called I’ll Never Go Away, to be published in May 2012 by Rainstorm Press!

I’ve also been working on a short story for another anthology.  I found this anthology listed on, a great site if you are a writer of speculative fiction (e.g. horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or any combo of the three).  The working title of the anthology is Steampunk Cthulhu which inspired me to write something new… so far so good!

In sewing news…

I finally got down to the fabric store so I can finish my kitchen curtains.  I had already made the valance:

but for the tier curtains I needed a matching shade of red:



Curtains are necessary and all, but they’re not the most thrilling thing to make… but lately I’ve been thinking about this year’s Halloween/RenFaire costume.  My costume is inspired by this one worn in the trailer for “Mirror Mirror.”

Mirror Mirror costume

I love this bodice and I love the color of the top.  For my costume, instead of having the bottom be black pants, I’m going to make the top into a long chemise.  The chemise will be fairly easy so it’s step one.

Although I did see a few really cool Steampunk-style patterns in the Simplicity catalog…  Maybe I’ll have time to make two costumes this year?

Material for my costume

In movie news…

I went to see “Silent House” with my friend Melissa last night and it was really good!  I had read that the movie was one continuous shot, or at least the Spanish original was, so I was watching to see if the same would be true of the remake.  Luckily the way the movie’s plot went, I did not have to sleep with my lights on or anything – although in the beginning I was getting really freaked out and thought I might have to.

In circus news…

My aerial silks classes are going well, mostly working on strength and doing short sequences.  Last week I forgot batteries for my Flip camera so it will be yet another week before I can make a new video.  In flying trapeze I’ve been working on the flexus for a few weeks now, but have yet to attempt to catch it.

In Hunger Games news…

I will definitely be going to the midnight show!!  I’m buying my tickets right now!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?????



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