wash. rinse. repeat.

It's back to square one. Nothing panned out, unless you count my growing number of rejections. So it's back to querying, and writing of course. Still working on Hitchhikers, although I may take another stab at Blood Countess if I can't get past the weird place I left my Hitchhikers narrator in last night...

word counting

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was compelled to write longhand as inspiration had dried up and there were too many distractions... but I've slid back into my old type-ster ways.  It's all because of word count. The new Microsoft Word 2007 has a feature that displays the word count as you type … Continue reading word counting


Lately I've been working on my "apocalypse story," which I had started on my computer.  But being on my computer leads me to get sucked into things like Facebook and Spider Solitaire and watching movies or TV shows on Hulu while I write, which leads me to NOT write... so I decided to work on … Continue reading longhand