The Hunger Games: distraction or inspiration?

I went to the midnight showing of “The Hunger Games” Thursday/Friday… then on Friday night, Janina was going to see the movie again so I was left to my own devices, none of which included writing.  I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself; I did do some research on literary agents, etc.  Put together some query letters.  But no actual writing.  Even though I had told Janina I wanted to write a fanfic of Gale’s POV of The Hunger Games.

By Saturday afternoon, however, I was itching to write.  I want to write something as epic as what Suzanne Collins has done.  I thought over my various works-in-progress and started working on Dreamwalkers, the sequel to Hitchhikers, which is told from Kayla’s point of view.

I won’t lie.  I did not accomplish much.  But it is something.

My take on the movie: I thought it was well done.  I loved Katniss and the adult cast; Peeta and Gale left something to be desired – they just did not look how I imagined, and I didn’t feel any chemistry between either one and Katniss.  I wished a little more time had been spent on the background of this society, the fear and the hunger of daily life in District 12.  I am really enjoying the soundtrack, especially the first song by Arcade Fire – it may go on my current writing soundtrack to keep that inspiration for epic-ness alive!

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