Nanowrimo 2012: Week 1 Update

Word Count: slightly ahead of target

Janina’s word count prowess has her in the lead, but we’ll see if she has the longevity!

I have already hit one point where I wasn’t sure where the hell my story was going and even contemplated scrapping what I had so far (roughly 5-8,000 words at that point) and starting my original 2012 Nanowrimo idea, the exorcism story.  When I met with the Townsend League of Extraordinary Writers (+1) on Saturday evening, I even announced to them sadly that my main character had no personality.

“You’ve got a Bella,” Tiger said wisely.

So I decided I would write my Wrimo buddies in the story: Janina ended up as an apathetic mermaid in the freak show, Tiger became a snake handler, and Jen was the nearly decapitated assistant to the knife thrower.  Still, I was stuck.

I spent most of one day writing out little blurbs of circus history – the real gory bits – to include at the head of each chapter, just because I had no idea where I wanted to make the story go.

Finally, I decided to make my main character, Lana Tate (last name might change…), have to overcome her lack of personality.  She’s spent her whole life being one of those obnoxiously good girls, listening to her mother’s advice, listening to what her friends think is the best course of action.  Which eventually led to her demise and her arrival at the Circus of the Damned.  So she needs to realize that she’s here and must become the performer she always could be, even though her mother always told her she shouldn’t want to be center stage.

I also threw in a romantic interest and some villainous folk, which spiced things up as well.  I’m rolling along once more.  Of course, I’m sure I will hit more road blocks along the way…

If you’re at all interested in reading, I’ll be posting up chapters on my Figment account.  Please comment or review!  Even if just to tell me it sucks!

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