writing is hard.

There are so many distractions… so many things to see on the interwebs… I am watching Janina type away and maybe she’s thinks I’m writing too, but I’m not working on my novel like I should be…

Today I read this article about authors who self-publish ebooks and are actually able to make a living at it.  And I’m really starting to think I should throw some of my completed novels into the ebook arena.  Specifically, the Hitchhikers series.  Yeah, you know, the second book of which I am not writing right now?

So this article has inspired me to really think about doing the whole ebook thing.  A traditional publisher would be wonderful, but as you can see from my rejection counter –> I have sort of run the gamut of agents and a handful of publishers who are not interested.  And yet this same novel, in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest two years ago made it nearly to the end.

The article should have inspired me to actually write more, but instead I was more inspired to create series covers.  You know, covers that actually relate to each other and would sell an ebook.  I will share those once I’ve finished all three.  Three you say?  Yes – the fully written Hitchhikers, the half-finished Dreamwalkers, and the twinkle in my eye Scavengers, which will be told from Zeke’s point of view.  Maybe there will be more at that point, who knows?  I’m also calling the series Wolf Point.  I’ve been getting a lot of good ideas and tips on The Book Designer‘s blog, which hosts a monthly ebook cover design award.

Maybe if I can manage to keep up this level of inspire-ment for more than tonight, this whole ebook thing might actually come to pass…

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