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Nanowrimo 2018 Week 2 Update

  • Day 8: 1734
  • Day 9: 3248
  • Day 10: 3070

Once again got over 3K on both weekend days!

  • Day 11: 1751
  • Day 12: 1752
  • Day 13: 1703

I struggled quite a bit today.  Didn’t finish my words until almost 9:30PM, and only just barely…

  • Day 14: not done yet…

Current Word Count: 29,007

So far, so good!  I’m 5K+ over par (23,333) and I haven’t logged my words in yet today.

At the beginning of this week, I hit the beginning of Act 2, that scary middle part that I always have trouble with.  Since I’m planning for We Live in the Dark to be 60K+ words, I pushed off the midpoint reversal until… today!  Well, I haven’t technically gotten there yet.  There’s been a definite build last night and today, so it’s coming very, very soon!

I’m really nervous about the midpoint happening, though.  I worry that what I thought was my midpoint is actually my climax, and that as soon as I write it, my novel will be steamrolling ahead.  Which is both a good thing (I want the steamrolling and fast-paced writing!) and a bad thing (because what if I hit the end of my book before 50K?  It has happened before…).

Also:  I keep getting distracted by the idea of submitting Waiting Room.  Which means I need to write a good query, and a synopsis, and get it taken down from Swoonreads (you can still read it there for the time being, and you can also read the first 16 or so chapters on Wattpad!).  Which is way too much to be doing during November!

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