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Nanowrimo 2018 Week 3 – oops, Week 4 Update

Well, I was so busy writing and getting ready for Thanksgiving that I completely forgot to update last week!

  • Day 15: 1694
  • Day 16: 1676
  • Day 17: 1879
  • Day 18: 1705
  • Day 19: 1736

At this point I’m considering going back and rewriting the entire second act of my novel.  As  you can see, my word totals have been slightly lower this week, and it’s been a bigger struggle to get to the minimum daily count.

  • Day 20: 3457

On this day, I met with my writers’ group for a write-in!  We did word sprints and some other writing games.  I could not believe how much I managed to write!  Of course, I had indeed decided to go back and rewrite parts of my novel, which was easier than writing new stuff I suppose.

  • Day 21: 1700
  • Day 22: 1770
  • Day 23: 2344
  • Day 24: 1344

And I finished on day 24!  I think this might have been my earliest win ever.  My story is not finished, however, and it is a hot mess.  I’m in the middle of the climax, so I will probably write about 10K more words to finish it.  And then, of course, go back and cut out half of the middle.  I thought I might continue to write after hitting 50K, but ended up… not doing that.  Hopefully I’ll get around to completing We Live in the Dark in December!

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