Working Title: We Live in the Dark

We live in the dark

Who has the power when the power goes out?

Five years ago the power went out.  Those without the currency to buy a generator live in the dark, surviving in the shadows, even more forgotten than they were before, until one family’s encounter with the power-rich changes everything.

You can read this work in progress over on Wattpad!

Writing Process

(Nanowrimo 2018)



I’ve always wondered how quickly civilization would disintegrate if the power suddenly went out. Even though humans have survived for centuries before electricity, so much knowledge is no longer passed down.

Of course, I ended up reading a book with just that premise, but this story turned out quite differently.


Because I needed ambient noise and sounds to remind myself that the characters did not have access to music or television, I made a soundtrack of nature sounds, like crickets chirping, fire crackling, rain, and other forest sounds. You can listen to it over on Spotify.