The Robyn Schneider formula

I've only read two books by Robyn Schneider, but I'm already sensing a formula! Robyn Schneider writes contemporary YA romances with heart.  I really enjoyed both The Beginning of Everything and Extraordinary Means, and I'm looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Invisible Ghosts.  I imagine it will follow this formula: Begin with a personal … Continue reading The Robyn Schneider formula

The Sarah Dessen formula(s)

I love Sarah Dessen.  She has a lovely variation of the girl-meets-boy, classic teen romance storyline that always keeps me coming back for more.  I haven't read her newest book, The Moon and More, yet... but I'm sure it will fit this formula! Sarah Dessen Summer Romance Formula Summer Vacation... That Summer, Keeping the Moon, This … Continue reading The Sarah Dessen formula(s)

V.C. Andrews: The Formula!

So there is, literally, a V.C. Andrews formula.  We all know V.C. Andrews is dead, right?  The family estate hired a ghostwriter to continue her legacy (of torrid novels about incest) and I'm pretty sure he (Andrew Neiderman) works off a formula.  Or did.  I stopped reading V.C. Andrews novels after the Hudson series... or, … Continue reading V.C. Andrews: The Formula!

horror movie tropes and what they say about us

If you've seen as many horror movies as I have, you've probably noticed that there are only a few different plots.  I came up with 7... can you think of any others? 1. Isolation You head out for a camping trip.  There's no cell reception out here, and of course your car breaks down.  You … Continue reading horror movie tropes and what they say about us

the Possession Story formula

This week I am examining the common formula for a story about demon possession, using the following 5 movies:     Start with a young woman, just hitting puberty. The Exorcist: Regan is a 12-year-old girl The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Emily is college-aged young woman The Last Exorcism: Nell is a teenage girl The Possession: … Continue reading the Possession Story formula

The Dystopian Formula

I've been reading a lot of dystopian novels lately, and I think I have figured out the recipe! Check it out below, with examples from 7 different YA dystopian novels/series. Start with an "ideal" society, usually formed after a rebellion that no one really remembers: The Giver, Matched: everything is clean, happy, ordered, and mostly … Continue reading The Dystopian Formula