the countdown begins

So I’m already thinking about November and Nanowrimo… already stressing about when I’ll have enough time to write!  My first week in November is pretty much booked up and that makes me nervous because it’s usually in the first week that I get the momentum to carry me through the rest of the month.  I also have my complete failure at Camp Nanowrimo lurking on my shoulder.

Of course, I have already created a cover:

I have a vague idea of the story I want to write.  I usually find that I start a totally different story on November 1st.  This story is the second idea I’ve had for Nanowrimo.  The first was going to be an exorcism/possession horror story.  Maybe someday I’ll still write that…  I find that if I overly outline or plan a story I can’t actually sit down and write it.  I just need to have a vague sense of what I want the ending to be and then sit down and figure out how to get there as I write.

Luckily, most of the things that will be taking up valuable writing time early on in November are circus-related… I’m going to see Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco, and then I have my own trapeze show (in which I’ll be dressed as a flying turkey) to worry about.  I can only hope that Black Friday will be a day I can catch up with my word count…

In other news, I got an account on, so if you want to start reading some of my awesomely bad Mistaken Identity series that I wrote in high school, here’s the link!

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