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progress check


  • Super secret new project: 28,381 words – almost halfway to goal of 60K
  • Working Title: Boy Possession Story: now has a title – My Possessed Boyfriend. The goal is to have this story outlined before Camp Nanowrimo in April.


  • The Victim’s Ball, Draft 3: currently being beta read by critique partner
  • We Live in the Dark: Have not touched in 2 months Transferred to a Scrivener document so I can see the story’s structure.
  • Waiting Room, Gutted Draft (aka Draft 3): officially down to 89,987 words! (Original goal was 80K, new goal is 85K)
  • The Abandoned, Draft 7: currently being beta read by critique partner Partner read it in one day!


  • Queries sent: 7
  • Rejections/Requests: 2 (1 rejection from 2018 query)

I’ve done a lot in the past two months, but the one thing that keeps sticking out to me is my lack of progress on We Live in the Dark. My brain knows how the story comes together, but the actual words on the page do not reflect that, and with all my other projects, this one isn’t calling to me at the moment. I need to get my ass in gear, so my critique partner can read it!

I have accomplished a lot already this year. Unfortunately, none of the progress lies in completed projects. I’m also working hard on another semi-secret project (a group blog, with my critique group!), and again, all of the progress is behind the scenes. It’s a bit frustrating, to say the least. I have to keep telling myself that doing a little bit each day will eventually lead to things being finished!

What projects are you working on? What kind of progress have you made?

2 thoughts on “progress check

  1. sarahheturadny says:

    Nice post! I like how you crossed off the accomplished goals. 🙂 What goals am I working on? #50PreciousWords contest…querying (least favorite thing to do) agents…getting up the guts to actually revise BLOODY AUTUMN…and more!

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