The Robyn Schneider formula

I've only read two books by Robyn Schneider, but I'm already sensing a formula! Robyn Schneider writes contemporary YA romances with heart.  I really enjoyed both The Beginning of Everything and Extraordinary Means, and I'm looking forward to reading her upcoming book, Invisible Ghosts.  I imagine it will follow this formula: Begin with a personal … Continue reading The Robyn Schneider formula

3 on a theme: isolated cottages

An isolated cottage in the UK, usually by the seaside, surrounded by dark trees.  There something mysterious going on, and naturally, there's no cell reception either... When I'm not reading YA, I lean towards adult thrillers, and I've been sensing a theme... At first I thought it was the word "wood" in the title, because … Continue reading 3 on a theme: isolated cottages

July reading round-up

# of books read: 15 audiobooks listened to: 3 graphic novels read: 2 total page count: 4,402 year total page count: 28,874 This was a crazy month, and despite having a week of vacation, it wasn't exactly *restful* vacation.  Plus with all the running around for the summer reading program at my library, and planning for … Continue reading July reading round-up

May reading round-up

# of books read: 21 audiobooks listened to: 5 ARCs read: 1 total page count: 4,538 year total page count: 20,077 I managed to get tons of reading done this month!  My favorite reads of the month were Bang by Barry Lyga (about a boy who shot and killed his younger sister when he was a toddler), … Continue reading May reading round-up

3 on a theme: living houses

I am often reading between 3 and 5 books at the same time, and occasionally there’s a theme that might not be remarkable in one book… but when I see it in three books, I take notice. It's a common trope, the haunted house.  But not so common when the house becomes its own character... … Continue reading 3 on a theme: living houses

April reading round-up

# of books read: 11 audiobooks listened to: 4 ARCs read: 1 total page count: 3,288 year total page count: 15,539 I didn't finish a lot of books in April, but I did read a lot!  I swear!  For a full list, scroll down to the bottom - the links will take you to my Goodreads reviews. … Continue reading April reading round-up