Working Title: My Secret Diary

My Secret Diary is sort of new, sort of old.  I had done a writing exercise with my teen writing club at the library, where you had to create a character with a secret and write diary entries showing how the secret affects their life.  I liked the idea of not even telling the diary what the secret was and allowing the reader to guess at exactly how horrible a thing the person had done was.

These initial pages floated around my house for several months.  Maybe even a year.

Then I decided to work on the story again.  Initially I continued in the same vein as before, fleshing out the first diary entries.  Then I began to consider adding other elements to the diary: receipts, pictures, bills, letters, things that might offer additional insight into what the secret might be.  Then I thought, maybe I could do this as a blog.  So here it is:

This might be a great way to break my writer’s block, something that I can do short updates every day or so, or not write for random periods of time.  I like the idea of my work being “out there” for people to read and become invested in, and possibly interacting with the story.


The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane by Laird Koenig

The Secret Diaries series by Janice Harrell

Other Title Possibilities

My Secret Diary of Murder

My Bloody Diary

Suggestions welcome!

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