Review: a bunch of Awful Library Books

Found in my box at work:

1. Make-Up Monsters by Marcia Lynn Cox (1976)

So, this looks innocent enough.  That’s until you open it up.

Disease Face?  Is that a kind of monster?  Never mind the fact that this kid looks like his face is covered in oatmeal, glued on with corn syrup… Oh, wait.  That’s exactly what it is.

I imagine this is secondary character from “House of Wax”?  Yeah, this is pretty frightening… I’m just not sure what monster, aside from the Elephant Man, this is really supposed to be.

And finally, a monster.  I find this picture truly frightening.  Is there really a kid under all that?  And honestly, what kid today would sit there while this was being done to him?  Eek.

2. My Boys Can Swim!: The Official Guy’s Guide to Pregnancy by Ian Davis (1999)

Enough said.

3. Rap Therapy by Don Elligan (2004)

 Clearly, this is a book I would need to use dealing with the teens in my library…  If you need a good laugh, just read a few of the sample raps.

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