31 days of Halloween, day 24: Horror on Ice

If there’s one thing I fear, it’s the coming of winter each year. I hate being cold, and I know I’m not alone – which is probably why this list was so easy to make!


The Shining by Stephen King is the epitome of winter horror: a family plagued by issues they refuse to face (dad’s an alcoholic, kid’s psychic) isolated and trapped by snow at a massive hotel full of ghosts who turn those issues against them.

The Dark Beneath the Ice by Amelinda Berube has a psychological twist to the paranormal phenomenon that makes a teen girl summon freezing cold water and ice, especially when she looks at the river…

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill is by far the creepiest winter horror on this list. The creepy vampire-like creature Manx can take little children into Christmasland, where they turn into monsters that like to play “scissors for the drifter” before they feed.


The Thing (1982) combines aliens with the Arctic, so even if the alien doesn’t kill you, the cold will.

Alive (1993) is not technically a horror movie – but it is based on a true story and involves cannibalism, so there’s that. A plane crashes in the snowy mountains and the survivors are forced to do what it takes to stay alive until they are rescued.

Frozen (2010) is a far cry from the Disney movie. It’s about a group of skiers who sneak onto a chairlift, only to be abandoned halfway up the mountain when the place closes down… for a three day weekend.

Who else is dreading the coming of winter?

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