31 Days of Halloween, Day 13: My Bloody Valentine 3D

I’ve seen this one before, several times, but it was high time in the month to watch one of my favorites!  A few years back I made up a drinking game for this movie that had only 4 rules:

  1. Drink when someone dies
  2. Drink when someone says the word “Valentine”
  3. Drink when someone drops an f-bomb
  4. Drink when a light gets smashed

This movie starts off with a “Happy fucking Valentine’s Day” and soon enough, eyeballs are being speared out and heads are being cleaved in half with shovels.

I prefer this version over the original, which to me felt a little slow and centered around a Valentine’s Day dance.  Apparently the original was so violent that 9 minutes had to be cut to get it down to an R-rating.  The remake certainly ups the ante with a nude scene that is over 10 minutes long.  But the major bonus with this movie?  Jensen Ackles.  Yes, I’m a huge fan, although I saw this before I was a fan of Supernatural.  There’s even a Supernatural episode called “My Bloody Valentine” in reference to it – Supernatural has also poked fun at Jensen’s co-star Jared Padalecki’s movies (like House of Wax).

I’m enjoying the carnage (without alcohol tonight), and instead of recommendations, I’ll suggest you check out the movies and episodes I’ve mentioned above.


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