and now for something not writing-related

By which I mean my thoughts on the new season of American Horror Story!

  1. The setting – I love it.  Asylums in the 1960’s are the setting for many of my favorite novels about crazy people (see this post for a list).  Plus it’s clear that they are basing this particular asylum on Danvers State Hospital, one of the most famous abandoned asylums in my area – of course, now it’s been demolished and turned into condos, but before that, it looked like this:Danvers State Hospital
  2. Jessica Lange is still awesome.  The fake-Boston accent doesn’t suit her as well as the Southern accent, but I’m probably biased.  The only actors who can really pull off a Boston accent are actually from Boston (so basically Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Mark Wahlberg).  And yeah, her character this round doesn’t have as many great lines as Constance did, but she does sneak in a barb or two.
  3. Bloody Face is the stupidest serial killer name I’ve ever heard.
  4. Bare bum total for 2 episodes is 7.
  5. So… Adam Levine is already dead?
  6. I miss Tate… the old Tate… although this one may yet grow on me.
  7. I’m struggling a bit to see where this season is going.  Last season, you already knew the concept going in: family moves into haunted house, will family survive or leave or die there?  Here, I’m not sure what they’re moving towards, or how this might possibly be related to season 1.
  8. Best line so far: “Show me your mossy banks.”

2 thoughts on “and now for something not writing-related

  1. javier says:

    I lived in the condos built on the former Danvers Insane Asylum. Loved it there but never experienced anything weird unfortunately. Only the funny spots when you take a picture… So, nothing!

  2. Kate says:

    I always wondered if those condos would be haunted… although I did talk to a ghosthunter who said that orbs in a photograph often indicate spirit activity…

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